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The Selous Game Reserve is big. Covering 50 000 sq km, it is 50% larger than Switzerland and is traversed by the world's greatest remaining herds buffalo, elephant, hippo and sable antelope.


Although you will travel to the largest conservation area in Africa on a Selous Safari, you'll probably only experience a very small proportion of this mighty park.


Most of Selous is dedicated to private hunting concessions and scientific research. Only about 10% of the Selous is dedicated to tourism.


Our tours to the the Selous normally concentrate around the northern section of the park and the Rufiji River. The Rufiji River defines the Selous experience.


Navigating the network of lakes and rivers in a boat offers you an unusual view of the big game. Sandbanks crowded with huge crocodiles; carmine bee-eaters flying in crimson clouds around the exposed mud banks; and swampy islands where elephants browse.