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Day 2: Copan Ruins, Museum and Bird Park (B, L) (Guided Full Day)

Guests are picked up from their hotel at 9am and transferred to the Archaeology site at Copan. Here they enjoy a guided tour of this beautiful site which is famous for its intricately carved stelea and amazing hieroglyphic stairway as well as its comprehensive museum. When ready guests return to Copan and to the Bird Park for lunch. After lunch guests enjoy a walk in the lush, shady river valley location of the Copan Bird Park where they get a local guide to accompany them and see and interact with a number of beautiful tropical birds that have been rescued from locales all over Honduras. When ready guests are transferred back to their hotel.


  • Upgrade by adding in a more formal slide presentation by David Sedat on his archaeology discoveries
  • Adding in dinner at David Sedat's House


If Tikal is the New York of the Mayan world, then Copan is Paris, just 12 km over the Honduran border. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980, Copan is the longest–known and best-researched Mayan city, made famous by the precise illustrations of Frederick Catherwood in 1839. The town of Copan Ruinas, 1 km from the ruins, provides all amenities at a comfortable altitude of 600 m. US$ and Guatemalan Quetzals are accepted in the area, along with Honduran Lempira. Seventeen rulers governed this Classic period site during its 400-year existence, including Eighteen Rabbit, whose portrait appears on most of the stela in the Great Plaza. The impressive Ball Court is one of the largest and most elaborate of the Classic period, dedicated to the macaw deity and featuring sculptured macaw heads. The famous Hieroglyphic Stairway has 2,200 glyph blocks forming the 72 steps of an open stairway on the western side of Temple 26. Part of the original facade of the Rosalila Temple, buried by the Maya beneath Temple 16, can be viewed via a special tunnel.


The on site Museum of Mayan Sculpture houses a real size replica of the Rosalila Temple, a series of reconstructed temple facades with fine sculptures, and some original sculptures, including Altar Q which shows the royal lineage of Copan.


The Copan Museum is located on the main square of Copan Ruinas and houses a selection of artifacts found at the site, including the burial of a scribe. Also on the main square is Casa K'inich, an interactive museum for children created "So that all the young Honduraneans can learn more about their cultural heritage".


Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Preserve is a six minute drive from Copan Ruinas. Set in natural botanical gardens in a cool valley, it provides a personal encounter with the exotic tropical birds of Honduras.


Located just outside of Copan, Enchanted Wings Butterfly House and Nature Exhibit is home to over 30 species of butterflies native to Honduras, and an orchid collection containing almost 200 species.